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How do I use the Dual-axis Turntable?



  • it410004

    where is those step?

  • Jeroen Berkvens

    I also want these steps. I have gotten my Turn Table today, but I can't seem to make it turn (which is the primary function).

  • kevin burgemeister

    There are no steps describes in your answer @revopoint

  • Dominik Amrein

    Please provide asap some information on how to make this thing turn. I need to read-in some stuff that is time critical. Please Revopoint-Team don't let me down!

  • it410004

    Talked to them on the chat . Customer support said we have to wait for the new up coming Revo Scan software in order to make it turn...

  • Michael Halberstadt

    Maybe it is helpful for someone else who comes across this page. I emailed them and asked how to use the dual axis turntable and received the following reply:

    Thank you for reaching out to us.
    Please wait for the new Revo Scan which is compatible with the dual-axis turntable to be released soon
    For further information, please read the Software Update through this link:
    If you have any more issues/questions, please don't hesitate to let us know. Have a great day!

  • Magas

    Anyone know the Bluetooth commands for the turntable?

    then you could at least turn on the rotation. without this function you can't scan anything....

  • Alexandros Pozidis

    Is the new software ready? 

  • Jason Green

    Hello. When I use the Old Dual-Axis and connect it with RevoScan5-5.4.7, the software crashes when searching for Bluetooth. However, when I use Revo_Scan_for_win_v4.3.1, there is no problem. Is there a solution for this issue?


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